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Feeling Overwhelmed by the Thought of Selling Your Home? You’re Not Alone.

Transform Your Home Sale

Selling a home can often feel like a daunting task filled with uncertainty and stress. From setting the right price to staging your home for viewings, the process involves numerous steps that can seem overwhelming. You might worry about how long it will take to sell, whether you’ll get the best price, or how to handle negotiations.

The Challenges of Selling Your Home

  • Setting the Right Price: Finding the sweet spot that attracts buyers without underselling can be tricky.
  • Preparing Your Home: Knowing what repairs or upgrades to make to increase your home’s value can be confusing.
  • Navigating the Market: Understanding market trends and how they affect your sale isn’t easy.
  • Dealing with Buyers: From scheduling viewings to handling negotiations, interacting with potential buyers requires time and patience.

But Here’s How I Can Help

Turning Your Home Selling Journey Into a Success Story

As a local real estate professional dedicated to your success, I’m here to take the stress out of selling your home. Working with me is like having a dedicated project manager for the sale of your property. I leverage a network of trusted vendors, from skilled contractors to staging professionals, ensuring every aspect of your home is polished and primed for the market. My vision for creating spaces that enhance each room’s appeal is key to making your home stand out. I focus on highlighting your home’s best features, using strategic staging and targeted improvements to captivate potential buyers. This approach not only elevates the aesthetic appeal of your property but also maximizes its market value, ensuring a smooth and successful sale.


The ListnGo® Strategy - For Sellers

With the Five-Step Approach for Sellers, you’re equipped with a trusted partner, ensuring that every facet of the selling process is handled with precision and care, maximizing your returns while minimizing stress. When you List your home with us, you can GO focus on living your best life, knowing that my proven STRATEGY is in place to handle all the details.

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“Lori went above and beyond what I expected preparing my Condo for sale. She sought bids, hired professionals (Plumbers, Painters, Handyman, Deep Cleaning, HVAC) and managed every step of the project to prepare for listing.
Within 2 weeks she had the listing up and running.”

– pasadena homeowner

how it works


Choosing an Agent

Begin your selling journey by finding the right agent for your needs and signing the listing agreement. Together, you'll determine the best list price for your home.

Preparation and Listing

Take the time to prepare your home by cleaning, making necessary repairs, and decluttering. With the addition of professional photography, video, and signage, your home is now LIVE on the market, eagerly awaiting incoming offers.

Contract and Inspections

Once you've accepted an offer, congratulations are in order as you're officially under contract! It's essential to maintain your home's pristine condition for the buyer's inspection, which will be scheduled alongside the appraisal.

Negotiations and Appraisal

After the inspection, you'll review the results and negotiate any requested repairs with the buyer. You can breathe a sigh of relief when the appraisal comes in favorably, effectively removing the appraisal contingency.

Final Steps to Closing

As you approach the closing date, ensure you arrange to transfer utilities out of your name, effective the day after closing. The final step involves reviewing and signing all necessary closing documents at the title company, marking the successful sale of your home.

Sell Smarter Pasadena CA
Sell Smarter:

7 DIY Strategies to Boost Home Value & Attract Buyers

This guide is structured to provide a step-by-step approach to preparing your home for sale, ensuring it’s not just seen, but remembered and desired by potential buyers. Prepare to transform your home into the most appealing property on the market.

What it’s like to work with me

How Am I Different?

Set Up a Risk Free Home Evaluation

Discover the true value of your property with a complimentary, no-obligation home evaluation from our seasoned real estate professionals. Gain insightful, data-driven feedback to understand your home’s current market position and explore strategic options for your future property endeavors. Since I am personally creating your home value analysis, please allow up to 24 hours to receive it. To get started, simply fill out the form below.

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Have Questions About Selling?

Check out our FAQs selling real estate in Pasadena, CA.

Your home’s value is determined by various factors, including its size, condition, upgrades, and comparable sales in the area. It’s best to consult with a local real estate agent for a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) to get an accurate estimate. Online valuation tools can provide a ballpark figure but may not capture the nuances of your local market.

The time it takes to sell a home varies based on market conditions, home location, and pricing strategy. Historically, homes in good condition and priced correctly tend to sell faster. Your local real estate agent can provide insights based on current local trends.

Sellers typically bear the cost of the real estate commission for both the selling and buying agents, which usually ranges from 5% to 6% of the sale price. Other costs may include escrow fees, title insurance, home repairs, and staging. It’s essential to get a detailed estimate of closing costs from your agent or escrow company.

Making necessary repairs can help your home sell faster and potentially increase its value. However, not all upgrades yield a return on investment. It’s crucial to consult with an agent to determine which repairs or upgrades are most beneficial for your specific situation.

Once you receive an offer, you can accept, reject, or counter it. It’s essential to review all terms, not just the offer price, as contingencies and closing timelines can impact the sale. Your real estate agent will guide you through the negotiation process to achieve the best possible outcome.

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