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In the heart of Pasadena, where I’ve woven memories and raised my family, I’ve come to understand the profound impact of finding the perfect home. My approach to real estate is deeply personal, a reflection of my own journey in this vibrant community. I’m here not just to facilitate a transaction, but to help you envision and realize your dreams of creating a sanctuary. To me, real estate is more than a profession; it’s a calling, a path that continually ignites my passion and brings immense fulfillment to my life.

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More than ever, I’m committed to keeping a pulse on the ever-evolving market, ensuring every client experiences the best of what real estate has to offer. By partnering with top-notch professionals – from builders to inspectors and financial experts, I aim to always be a step ahead.

In this rapidly changing market, it’s crucial to think outside the box, and that’s precisely what I bring to the table. Stay connected with me for fresh, innovative perspectives on real estate, ensuring you’re always in the know. Whether you’re looking to find your dream home or hoping to showcase your property’s best features, I’m here with all the insights, strategies, and local expertise.

"Lori is so on top of her game, very professional and honest. She was delightful to work with and I hope to do another deal again soon."

Michelle Hodges

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What To Expect When Working With Me...

I have a genuine love and understanding for our local community. This passion ensures you find not just a house, but a home that truly resonates with you.

I’m more than just a realtor; I’m your steadfast partner throughout this journey. My commitment is to serve your best interests, ensuring a smooth and successful real estate experience.

My meticulous nature means no detail is overlooked in your property search or sale. From understanding your needs to handling contracts, I prioritize precision and care.

Partnering with me gives you access to a vast network of industry resources and contacts. My longstanding relationships ensure you’re supported by top professionals at every turn.

Get to know a little about me
behind the scenes.....

Real Estate

Pet Peeve


Duh, you priced it $200,000 under market value.

My Life's


The Hood I Call


I currently live in the heart of Pasadena Playhouse Village. My family’s roots in this city trace back to 1904, weaving a rich history with the community. The places I like are Akian Sushi, Vroman’s, the Playhouse, and The Commons.

My Real Estate


My love for Craftsman and Colonial Revival style homes as their meticulously crafted architecture and timeless designs narrate a rich story of historical elegance and the masterful artistry of bygone eras.

After Hours


When I’m not immersed in work, you’ll find me soaking up culture at museums, engaging in outdoor activities with my child, striving to be the best mom, or enjoying long, reflective walks around the neighborhood.

My Happy


There’s no place that helps me unwind better than spending time with family and friends in Pasadena, where the blend of old and new provides a comforting backdrop for our gatherings.




Walk-In Closets

Spectacular Views

Open Floor Plan

Outdoor Fireplaces

Covered Porches



Ensuites with no door (really?)

No bathtub in the house

Kids bedrooms on a different floor (paranoid mom here)



Let Me Introduce You to My Team

I’m thrilled to introduce you to my handpicked team of professionals, dedicated to providing unparalleled service to both home sellers and buyers. With our combined expertise, we’re poised to navigate the Pasadena real estate market, ensuring your journey is smooth, informed, and successful.

Doug Huberman
Broker | President at Lexington Property Management
Doug Huberman
Broker | President at Lexington Property Management

He is focused on bringing the tools and professionalism of commercial real estate to residential property and home management.

Yunita Wu
Home Warranty of America
Yunita Wu
Home Warranty of America

Account Executive. Fluent in English, Chinese, Mandarin and Indonesian

Million Dollar Producer

Jodi Barelli
Chicago Title | V.P. Sales
Jodi Barelli
Chicago Title | V.P. Sales

Areas of Expertise: Title Insurance, Escrow, Real Estate Transactions, Preliminary Title Reports, Trust Deeds, Ways of Holding Title Insurance,Problem Solver, Document Interpretation, Residential Real Estate, Escrow, Presentations, Marketing Strategies, Client Interaction, Title Report Reviews, Title Underwriting,Senior Title Closing Specialist, Commercial, Residential, Subdivision.

Chris & Lee
Mortgage Lender
Chris & Lee
Mortgage Lender

4 decades combined, Chris and Lee with New American Financial has extensive experience working with individuals of all types of credit history.

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